The uSeekM library is an add-on library for Semantic Databases (also known as Triple-stores, Quad-stores, or RDF-databases) that use the Sesame Java interface. uSeekM adds powerful indexing and querying capabilities to Semantic Databases, and provides integrations with other tools and frameworks. Open Sahara Server uses uSeekM as backend storage. Functionality provided by uSeekM includes:

  • GeoSPARQL: indexing, efficient search, and computations on geometries integrated right into the SPARQL query language. Support for all OpenGIS Simple Features geometries and relations.
  • Full Text Search: indexing and efficient search for text, integrated into the SPARQL query language.
  • Spring framework integration: manage initialisation, connection scope and transactions for your Semantic database with the Spring Dependency Injection framework. Provides ConnectionFactory and TransactionManager implementations for Sesame.
  • For more functionality see uSeekM Sesame Extensions.

The components are designed to work with any Semantic Database that can be exposed with the Sesame interface. They are extensively tested on (and have performance optimisations for) Sesame's MemoryStore and NativeStore (see OpenRDF), and Bigdata from Systap (see Bigdata).

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