Get Involved

This page describes how to get involved in Open Sahara and uSeekM development. You must register your account and activate it via an email (or login if you have an account) before you can report issues, participate in discussions, and commit or review code. A registered account can be used on all our development and community related systems that are deployed under Currently you have to login separately for each system (issue-tracker, code review, continuous integration, sonar), but you can use the same credentials everywhere.

Whether you’re an experienced Open Sahara user or you’re just getting started with open-source software, there are lots of ways to get involved with the Open Sahara community.

Help other Open Sahara users in the Discussion Groups

Participating on the community forums and answering questions is a much appreciated way to help other users. It gives the development team more time to focus on developing new features by spending less time on answering user questions. The forums for technical questions, discussions about features, or for community support can be found at:

Reporting Bugs

If you come across a bug, report it to the development team. When you are signed in, each Open Shara Project will have a "New Issue" link at the top of the project page. If you are not sure which project to use for reporting your issue, report it here: Please provide as much relevant information as you have about the issue, including all the steps necessary to reproduce it. A screenshot is often helpful to clarify your point. Issues that can not easily be reproduced by the development team will probably be closed without further investigation. Bugs are best demonstrated by attaching the source code of a failing test-case. If you can't reproduce your issue in a simple test-case, how do you expect any of the Open Sahara developers to reproduce your issue?


Our project Wiki's are a comprehensive tool for users to find information. They also need contributions to keep them fresh and relevant.

Contributing Code or Patches

We use Git as version control system for all our source code, and Gerrit as a web based code review system for new code contributions. You must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before you can contribute code. Please go to Sign Contributor License Agreement to do so. After signing the agreement, you can submit code via Git/Gerrit. All new code will be verified by an automatic build and execution of the unit tests, and needs to be manually approved by a reviewer before being merged into the master development branch.

Some introductory documentation for Git and Gerrit:

Review code

Reviewing the code of other contributors is a much appreciated way to keep our code quality high, and helps us getting changes into production faster. Our Gerrit Code Review system can be found here:

Get in Touch

If you think there is something else you can help with, please get in touch with us on the forums.